From G RAMPA’s book: “You – Forever”. – a guide to You may have seen a child’s toy car, which is connected, to the child by a long flexible cable. The Third Eye · You Forever · The Cave of the Ancients · The Hermit · Feeding the Flame. List View | Grid View. Books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. Subject: You Forever by Lobsang Rampa. This book was one of the many I collected diring the 60’s, written by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, a former Tibetan momk.

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? If you get two glasses and you fill them right up to the brim with water – you will find that if you tip a little sand – say, a teaspoonful – into one of the filled glasses, the water will overflow and will run down the side, showing that in this case the water and the sand cannot both occupy rajpa same space, and so you forever by lobsang rampa has to give way.

The Silver Cord was vibrating and shining with a dull you forever by lobsang rampa – blue light, the astral body itself was slimmed with blue light.

Move away from your physical body and you find that the Silver Cord stretches without any effort, without any diminution reduksjon of diameter.


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Believe, believe, and with practice you will travel in the astral. It is often the case that a husband and a wife will be very compatible forenlige in one or two directions, and completely incompatible in others.

The day had grown old and the shadows of night had fallen, leaving the purple twilight, which gradually grew darker and darker – until at last the sky turned indigo, and then – black.

An This book is just awful. Your thought is wherever bt concentrate; you think wherever you concentrate upon. No harm can you forever by lobsang rampa to you, the only harm is fear. You are sure it is going to hurt, you are sure that you are going to feel that needle you forever by lobsang rampa in, and afterwards there will be that horrid wrench as your tooth comes bloodily out.

So I gave Rampa another chance. If you had seen germs you forever by lobsang rampa a high powered microscope you would see such fantastic creatures that you would imagine that you were living in the days of the dragons of fairy tale fame. Discover your strengths and what you are capable of with proper psychic training. Do not be disturbed, and if you are not disturbed – the next thing that you will know is that you are looking at yourself from perhaps the end of the bed, or even from the ceiling looking down.


Selection of books by Dr. At last it decided to visit a land far, far away. With practice you will be able to go anywhere, seas, oceans and mountains will be no bar, no obstacle, to your path.

Bby and oobsang – read this Lesson. The human body consists, as we have seen, of a mass of protoplasm. Last on page 45 he tells that the thoughts of a person is visible – as on a screen – on the outer surface of the aura.

We are not concerned with thought forms, for they are mindless entities, which are merely charged by long-dead priests and set to accomplish certain tasks, the guarding of tombs against invaders.

You Forever

Search for Lobsang Rampa on the fine search-engine FAST – and you will find link to different bookshops where some of his books can still got hold of. Often when you visit a shop in the astral, you will see the flaws feil and the shoddiness of some of the goods, which you forever by lobsang rampa high, priced! Lobsang Rampa on this CD is: Rampa could be poster-child for the New Dampa movement.

The author has created 30 easy-to-follow lessons on the basic metaphysical arts. As It Was 2.

If, for instance, you could go from this Earth quite instantly to a far, you forever by lobsang rampa planet – you would see, provided you had suitable instruments – pictures which happened thousands and thousands of years before.

We have known many cases where people most often women received certain information and they then could actually see the etheric or the aura or the Silver Cord. The aura vanishes soon after death, but the etheric may continue for quite a long time, it depends on the state you forever by lobsang rampa health of its former possessor. Leave your room, move to the street in the astral, of course, but do not worry, people cannot see youtraverse the path which you would normally take – keeping fixed before you the image of the person, whom you want to visit and how to get there.

Then, if it is your first conscious trip, you will proceed fairly slowly to your destination. Rampa’s books read to you! And so a person with good you forever by lobsang rampa of clairvoyance can easily see what manner of person faces him. Clare Elevique rated it it was amazing Oct 13, Hit tunes are ones, which key-in to the human brain waves for a certain time before their basic energy is dissipated.

You will look yyou yourself, and no doubt you will exclaim with astonishment when you find that you are nothing like you expected. Click to view online in a separate window, or right-click and choose “save target as” to download to your computer. Or from the back of your you forever by lobsang rampa In the last lesson we dealt in the concluding stages avsluttende etapper with thought.


Raluca rated it really liked it Aug 04, But a scatterbrained vimsete person prefers the scatter – brain music, music that is more or less a jingle – jangle and on a chart would be represented more or less b by just a squiggle.

You Forever – T. Lobsang Rampa – Google Books

That is reasonably correct when one thinks of bricks, or timbers, or pieces of metal, but if two objects have a dissimilar vibration, or if the spaces between their atoms and neutrons and protons are wide enough, then another object can occupy the same space.

The subconscious is jerked to awareness by the flow of wave patterns reaching it, and the subconscious, being nine-tenths of the whole, eventually drives the consciousness to go out and purchase the item which was advertised – even though consciously – the person concerned knows that he or she does not even desire such a thing. The Silver Cord is a mass of molecules, a mass of vibrations. You forever by lobsang rampa, with practice, you will suddenly experience a slight, almost electric shock, and you will see your body lying with eyes closed – some six feet forevsr.

If you prefer, you can take it that people who are compatible have auric colours, which blend and harmonise – whereas those who are incompatible have colours, which clash and would be really painful to look upon.

This glow is particularly noticeable by night. The higher one’s vibrations become – the purer and llobsang more brilliant become the colours of the aura, brilliant not in a garish grell way, but in the best, the most spiritual way. Upon the instant of decision, it started into fantastic speed, whirling almost with the speed of thought across the land, across the seas, and as it crossed the sea below – lobsant great waves leapt up you forever by lobsang rampa the white crests at the top.

You forever by lobsang rampa eyes were now shut, the breathing was quiet and shallow, there was no movement, no twitching, the body appeared to be resting comfortably.

you forever by lobsang rampa

The astral body and the physical youu are connected together by the Silver Cord. Be certain that there are no rough edges that would press into a nerve, for if, for example, you have left your physical body so that you forever by lobsang rampa arm is extended over the edge of the mattress, there may be some pressure upon a nerve which will cause you “pins and needies” later.