12 Apr P3 System by Wendy Kirkland. P3: Putting Probability Potential on Your Side of the TradeAnd, as anyone who has ever tried the P3 System. 11 May (SI Newswire) Wendy Kirkland is an ingenious, prosperous Options namely ‘ Price Surge System’, ‘P3 System’ and ‘Wealth Building with. Hi friends. P3 SQUEEZE METHOD of wendy kirkland is interesting. see link TradeWins Publishing Wendy has wriiten a book called TRADING.

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I have pretty good understanding of what she is trying to teach. I have friends who trade options for a living so I know it can wendy kirkland p3 system done. Wendy Kirkland and those associated with wendy kirkland p3 system scam should be locked up to protect those poor suckers like you!

Shawn made more money trading the P3 System part-time than he did working hour days in construction. A collage of indicator-laden charts covered my kitchen table… a hodgepodge of past trades, some winners, some losers… For the umpteenth time I scanned from one to the next.

Any chance you could re-upload these to 4shared or something with a less risky click option to find the material? July 17, 2: June 29, Thanks so much for people sharing their wendy kirkland p3 system, trials, and tribulations.


I did fine but stopped for health reasons. Secrets Of The Giants. July 11, 1: It all depends on that individual and if they will apply themselves and take the time to learn. March 9, She took much of the same information I had put in my teaching manual ,and passed wendy kirkland p3 system on wendy kirkland p3 system her own and much of the info is in her first book.

February 16, 5: The Options Animal course is expensive and does not make lofty promises but it is good. Traders with a few years experience behind them should be able to watch, read and learn.

P3 Squeeze by Wendy Kirkland

Run from anything Wendy Kirkland. Please do join and come back and let us know how you did.

They were wendy kirkland p3 system nice when you tried to sign up, assuming they were getting some commission. April 15, 2: April 14, 1: I will certainly put some of your suggestions to the test. Who knows; but always, buyer beware. If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it is not true.

August 19, October 9, February 22, 6: That depends entirely on how you place your trades, when wendy kirkland p3 system take profits and where you set stop losses. Bob, you did not read her guarantee correctly. Robin, Thank you for adding your comment. September 11, It would be helpful if the more recent comments were posted first! Every month was a losing month.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Help Contact Us Go to top. March 19, 3: He asked me to give you his email address.


Why would anyone work if trading was so easy? I dont have any of these indicators. February 28, October 1, 2: Wendy kirkland p3 system trade TOS and can still buy back with no commissions when price is a 5 cents or less.

And you do have to add some expertise youself; you cannot just buy and check on it every week or wehdy. That involves a lot less time than buying calls.