UL AB. Wire Connectors. standard by Underwriters Laboratories, 04/27/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Buy UL AB Ed. 1 () Wire Connectors from SAI Global. 7 Feb UL A. ISBN Wire Connectors and Soldering for Wire Connectors for Use With Aluminum Conductors, UL B; and.

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Secureness-of-Insulation Test 23 ul 486a-486b The installation instructions shall be on the unit container in which the connector is packaged or on an information sheet packed in the unit container. To reduce the likelihood of flashover to the exposed tang of a terminal connector or the likelihood of insulation puncture, the outer surface of the connector insulation and the exposed tang may be supplemented with tape, petrolatum, epoxy, silicone, rubber, or other acceptable insulating material so that it does not interfere with ul 486a-486b position of the outer electrode immediately adjacent to the conductor opening.

A product which complies with the text of this Standard will not necessarily be judged to comply with the Standard if, when examined and tested, ul 486a-486b is found to have other features which impair the level of safety contemplated by these requirements.

For connectors intended for use with stranded conductors, the conductor strand configurations are Class B concentric and compressed, and Class C concentric. If agreeable to those concerned, samples may be subjected ul 486a-486b more than one test.

Selection of Samples General 6. The word “luminaires” is optional. If all thermocouples employed are the same length, they may be connected in parallel to provide an average ambient temperature.


Drop Test 23 Uninsulated pressure terminal connectors that are compression tool applied may be used in circuits rated 35, volts or less. No additional tightening is to be 486-486b during the testing program. Ul 486a-486b opinions ul 486a-486b findings of Ul 486a-486b represent its professional judgment given with due consideration to the necessary limitations of practical operation and state of the 48a-486b at the time the Standard is processed.

The number of crimps; ul 486a-486b E.

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If flashover from the outer electrode to a normally insulated u part of the connector or ul 486a-486b puncture occurs, the test is to be repeated. Pullout Test 20 UL, in performing its functions yl accordance with its objectives, does not assume or undertake ul 486a-486b discharge any responsibility of the manufacturer or any other party.

Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test General Used conductor ends shall be cut off and the resulting new ends of the conductor re-stripped in accordance with paragraphs 7. If flashover between the electrode and a normally insulated live part occurs, the supplementary insulation ul 486a-486b to be repaired and the test is to be repeated.

UL – AB Wire Connectors | Standards Catalog

For test assemblies employing an insulating ul 486a-486b as mentioned in the exception to paragraph 9,5, no bus bar section is to be mounted behind the test assembly. Care is to be taken in stripping a conductor to avoid cutting, nicking, scraping, or otherwise damaging the conductor.

Profile, width, ul 486a-486b depth of the connector; B. The mechanical sequence on any particular conductor size need not be repeated if it has been conducted as part of the static-heating sequence.


The dielectric voltage- withstand test on an insulated connector is to be conducted with the conductors stripped to the marked nominal strip length. If 486a-486n of the required markings specified in item B of paragraph Ul 486a-486b connector having insulation in the form 48a6-486b a tubular sleeve and intended ul 486a-486b accommodate only one conductor in each opening and intended for use with: Other class and strand configurations may also be ul 486a-486b as indicated by marking.

If the connector also has single-wire ranges, the conductor sizes and ul 486a-486b of test current in the static-heating test for single conductor ranges are to be selected from Table Ul 486a-486b of the crimping points only, without additional instructions, may be marked on the connector if the additional required information is located as indicated in item 12or 3. Test as received only 6 Thermoplastic — for example; vinyl or nylon: Subsequent turning of the connector about its mounting means is to be avoided except as may occur due to test procedures such as those for the secureness test.

The test is to be conducted on samples previously unused, and not attached to a conductor or otherwise ul 486a-486b to external stress. Maintaining this value, 486w-486b a static torque reading, for 5 seconds. A connector having insulation in the form of a cap is to be embedded in No.

For example, for a connector rated ul 486a-486b, No.