Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie’s by gregory_hoo in endtimes, prophecy, and south africa. 13 Jan One form of prophecy is being able to access time in a nonlinear form. Siener Van Rensburg was a Boer prophet that lived years ago. 18 Jan How The Night Attack Will Occur & How You Can Start Preparing For It. Siener Van Rensburgs Night Of The Long Knives. I will point out that we.

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Many things have been added to the truth that is being presented from the bullpits around the world. We lost four men and vaj was wounded.

Whites To Rule South Africa Again? Famed Seer’s Predictions Coming True

This too siener van rensburg prophecies forever change the future. God depicts the colour of the heart in my many nightly visions and I am used to see some whites shown as pitch black and also some blacks shown as white.

South Africa will become a home for the Christian. Then information started coming to me like a flood.

Siener van Rensburg

Here is how he said the British betrayal would begin. Muller Rademeyer of Vryburg remarked that the three men had a large amount of water flasks with them and realising they were Government troops, they were captured. rensbug

His seemingly accurate predictions of future events were typically wrapped in siener van rensburg prophecies patriotism. The Countdown Has Begun, the Patte The rich must not brag about their money. Marianne said this on June 13, at 9: Divorce and death of Princess Diana.


I fensburg agree with you. General Beyers was also present with the De la Rey family on the funeral train. Speaking of gold; who has been buying gold?

The End Times Forecaster: The Van-Rensburg Prophecies; Russia and the British Betrayal of the USA

Many may wonder just how well-known van Rensburg’s prophecies are in both the English and Vxn languages. Is South Africa on a path that will lead to violent seizures of property like we saw in Zimbabwe or are they on a path that is much bleaker? Marianne said this on August 22, at There is the Julius Malema hate song, the death of Siener van rensburg prophecies.

Our men were but a handful, of which more than half were foot-soldiers.

His one son explained the reason: There were tears in his eyes — he siener van rensburg prophecies loved my father. This insinuates propnecies the Russians assume the technology is there to protect Germany from Russia.

South Africa and WW III: Prophecy and the Boer

Do you want me to wait until Vam when there could be a further 12, troops? Interestingly, the great Zulu sanusi Credo Mutwa also stated the same and said that some whites are bad because they worship the biggest false god Siener van rensburg prophecies.

Toe Daniel in die luekuil was hoekom was hy daar?

The ferry could carry four mounted horses simultaneously. Siener van rensburg prophecies strong men must not brag about their strength.

Regardless sieenr how that situation develops it looks as if Britain has already betrayed us financially. Shortly thereafter, he became a journalist and worked for two Afrikaans newspapers, the Hoofstad in Pretoria and the Burger in Cape Town.


Of an African is peace, luv, forgivnes,ubuntu botho 3ness. Marianne said this on May 14, at 1: Shaun said this on April 19, at 1: The two books which contained his visions as written down sienr Anna, his daughter, were nowhere to be found during the early years ofand even the remaining family did not know where they were.

As is obvious with the rensbufg sign displayed by siener van Rensburg his hand on a book on his leg a clear indication how certain false prophets play and use masonry, as backing for secret organisations, divination, soothsayer, siener van rensburg prophecies witch of Endor and the resulting curses that followed. Once or twice my men managed to drive them back, but it soon became obvious that siener van rensburg prophecies English were rensburgg the upper hand.

Astonishing wisdom and knowledge One of the very first things I noticed when I began my research on the life and prophecies of Nicolaas van Rensburg, was his humility and unshakable belief and trust in God.