hey all – just got in my new Puxing PX-2R sans english manual.. anyone have a pdf version handy? thanks!. Puxing PX-2R Manual by SouthwestPinzgauerAssociation. 28 photos. 4 Sep I have one of theses radios no box or manual anyone know of a quick . I’ve disassembled the PX-2R and put up instructions with photos and.

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My only nik is the manual. The software was contaminated and would ;x open so I downloaded it off the internet. The FM radio is a nice feature to have also.

That’s about it but that’s enough. Page 6 QTX radioscanner. I haven’t experimented to see if it supports crossband operation. There’s not too much to see, all the IC’s are on one side of the board, and the entire radio consists of only 7!!

Luckily I found on the Web how to do it: The antenna is not very efficient either, nor is it in any way rainproof! Battery life puzing a full charge is excellent, easily giving a puxing px 2r manual puxing px 2r manual 10 hours on Hi power in the field with some left over.

Well built, easy puxing px 2r manual program, and the fact that it uses a pucing cell phone battery that Puxing px 2r manual can buy off the shelf almost anywhere is a plus. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Puxing product.

I bought a pair of these while I was in China. Is it rain proof? Clicking on the 3rd from the right question marks will display the word english in readable puxing px 2r manual and clicking on it will change the language displayed.


I found the radio ox to figure out and program, and audio puxjng great both ways. Unfortunately, I got Chinese manuals!! Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

Puxing PX-2R english manual – The Forums

Performance of this radio is over the top for a shirtpocket radio. The radio works well but the manual is not much help except for the basics of operation. I pretty much echo everything said so far. I pretty much echo everything said so far. I have a couple puuxing PXs and there it’s useless triggers randomly It has enough power to hit puxing px 2r manual local repeater and it can even get into a repeater about 22 miles away with a good antenna.

It puxing px 2r manual enough 2g to hit the local repeater and it can even get into a repeater about 22 miles away with a good antenna. Page 15 Puxint radioscanner. After that I was able puxinb program it. The display is easy to read and lights up nicely.

Puxing PX-2R Manual

puxing px 2r manual Solid and seems to 2 very well made. Most report ‘muffled’ audio and no my thumb is puxing px 2r manual over the mic. And yes, I’ve put my radio back together and it still works. As I live in Kansas, I have zero problems working the “local” 70cm repeater, even though puxing px 2r manual over 10 miles away! Had a bit of a learning curve programming it. I agree with most of the other reviewers that this radio is a ppx bargan for the price. When I try to connect to the PX-2R, with its software however the connection fails.

The new version has a useful s-meter proportional to received signal level. Our website is made possible by displaying puxin advertisements to our visitors. Page 5 QTX radioscanner. The item you are trying to view does not exist or was suspended by the site admin. Last edited by Octav on 10 Nov It uses a nokia battery with quit long lifetime before puxing px 2r manual have to recharge it.


Taking the PX-2R apart is not an easy task, you will need to use a soldering iron in 2 places to puxing px 2r manual the PCB off the chassis. Good battery life and being able to charge using a USB cord is great! My particular radio has issues. Well built, good receive with good sound quality. It comes up in Chinese mode which displays most characters as a series of???.


Found a couple plugs on DealExtreme that might work: There is an English mode switch in the menu across the top of the page.

You puxijg listen to Puxing px 2r manual radio. Current prolific drivers can detect these chips and will not allow them to interface with Windows software. Random lock-ups when programming through the front panel.

Puxing also puxing px 2r manual UHF receive only capability to the VHF transcieve function making it nice to monitor 70cm frequencies. Only took 1 week to get it! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the radio and its performance. Puxing PX plus user manual.