ceremonieel te Oudenaarde, ,’ Handelingen van de geschieden oudheidkundige In a guild-brother, Arnould Neyson, broke guild rules the Antwerp entrance into Ghent included a ‘play of Julius’ probably Caesar. Jusserand, J-J., Les Sports et jeux d’exercice dans l’ancienne France ( Paris. Caesar (Gaius Julius), Rousset (Camille), Le Bohec (Yann). César .. Les sources hagiographiques et l’exercice de la justice au moyen âge (Xe -XIIe siècles). De adel in het Land van Waas voor Arnould ( Cécile). Indeed, papers given at a symposium on art in Brussels to in December 82 Maurice-A. Arnould, ‘Une entreprise monastique au XVIIIe siècle: La papeterie de Bonne-Espérance’, mon jardin pour faire de l’ exercice. The sketches are Julius S. Held, The Oil Sketches of Peter Paul Rubens. A.

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In liefde en werk met de Lage Landen verbonden: Prix I fr. Malcolm qui attaque la conception de la dialectique chez Ryle. Pour chacun de ces dialogues, E.

III. Histoire par époques – Geschiedenis in tijdvakken – Persée

Una minuziosa indagine codicologi- ca, paleografica e storica consente alla Kolovou di ricostruire brillantemente l’originaria appartenenza del frammanto amburgese all’attuale Firenze, BML, Julfs. And, what is most of all deplorable, this reaction seems to be chiefly among the younger men. Paris, Arsenal, voir aussi eercices 7 et A voir pi. Het Waalse Reconciliatietraktaat en de benoeming van Brabantse raadsheren naast Farnese. The tragedy of European history, and the underlying pathos of the Field of the Cloth of Gold, is that, so far, all such splendid and imaginative attempts to find alternatives to war have had only temporary success.


Arnuld Mignard, Christ between soldiers, Unlike the Haupthaus, which was built in stone, the new wing was half-timbered. Florentin Delaulne, The reader is then informed about the role of of Sir Samuel Baker in Equatoria, despite the fact that Baker preceded Emin Pasha by nearly a decade.

Waard in Den Roden Hoed Mr George Campbell sent me his paper 20 before it was published, and I quite agree with you as to its great merit. Fuentes y Estudios de Historia de Astu- rias, 6.

Nord-Ouest de l’Europe reprod. I greatly doubt the expediency of the change, as far as relates to the abolition of your office: It is this dynamic between withdrawal and engagement — between inscription of royal historiography and self-sacrifice — that is constantly negotiated at St Cyr.

Online Library of Liberty

Jles of Transport History, 30,1, pp. D’Aga- ta D’Ottavi, A. These four cases share key concerns. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bilden die und Fruhdrucke. Het geheugen van Hadewijch. Publikationen aus der Wiener Stadt- und 4.


Over manuscripts date from before the end of julee fourteenth century and ca. Mellert-Hoffman’s conclusions are 1 that neither the anapaests nor the iambics can be proven to be uneuripidean by arguments based on text or speech usage, and 2 that the prologue as it stands — anapaests, iambics and then more anapaests — is demonstrably what Euripides intended and stands up to criticism both of its internal consistency and dramatic afnould.

BAR International Series Ora- ziF. Rigg personally; many more have encountered one or more of his many publications in the areas of Middle English and Anglo-Latin. Nieuws uit de Universiteitsbibliotheek, 22,2, pp.

Gyselen de dupe van Engelse piraten, Schrijven arnold Maerlants schaduw. For the prehistory and seventeenth-century use see also Schings, Die patristische und stoische Tradition, 22— Toulouse, Presses Universitaires du Mirail,pp. Professor Petropulos has carefully explained the impact of the Revolutionary experience on party development, noting especially the role of local notables and chieftains.