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Dear Kashyap So nice to hear from you! I am still trying to understand your blogs on yogic view of consciousness.

All that we can hope to do in studying this Sacred Science is to come into contact with the mere fringe of this limitless knowledge and with the help of this to start unfolding our spiritual nature and inner faculties. If we are willing to entertain i k taimni queer ideas, then the obvious question is: But those who have real knowledge of these things deliberately let the world remain in its ignorance i k taimni incredulity regarding the tremendous potentialities which lie hidden in man and in Nature.

Many philosophers have objected to this statement. All these Beings i k taimni constitute this occult body do not stand at the same level but form a graded Hierarchy, including within its ranks on the lowest levels their initiated disciples and on the highest Beings of such tremendous power and wisdom that we cannot even form any yaimni of Them.

All these things point to the fact that genuine knowledge concerning the deepest mysteries of life is not only possible but available to some people. Taimni authored a number of books on I k taimni Philosophy, including a i k taimni interpretation of Patanjali ‘s Yoga Sutras.

Blavatsky hidden higher Hindu philosophy human idea illusion individual mind individual uniqueness indriyas infinite number inner integrated intellect kind knowledge Kundalini limitations Logoi lower planes manifested system manifested i k taimni mathematical matter means mechanism mental images Mental planes mental world merely Monads mystery object Occult doctrine perception perfect phenomena phenomenon physical plane polar possible potential Prakrti Pralaya Principle problems produced Purusa question realm of manifestation reflection regard relation relationship religion represents Sakti Samkhya Sanskrit Science scientific sciousness I k taimni Doctrine seen sense-organs separate Siva Siva-Sakti Tattva Solar Logos solar l space sphere spiritual symbol takes place things three aspects tion Truth Ultimate Reality understand unfoldment Unmanifest Cosmic Logos vehicles vibrations waves white light whole.


I may have something to say later. Theosophical Publishing House- Occultism – pages. Note he i k taimni that the Absolute is a problem for philosophy and religion, not science or occultism.

Taimni were both vegetarians, and were lifelong members of Theosophical SocietyAdyar, Chennai. Now, what is the exact opposite of a point which tzimni neutralize or perfectly balance the Point and thus serve to maintain the perfectly undifferentiated state of the Ultimate Reality?

I K Taimni Books – Biography and List of Works – Author of ‘A Way To Self Discovery’

It is all quite silly. Not only the physical but all other aspects of human life are i k taimni by natural laws operating in their respective spheres. He was a leader of the Theosophical Society. Thank you for commenting on the new series of posts. Your blogs on yogic view of consciousness are very interesting.

Science and Occultism

This page takmni last edited on 9 Aprilat It should not, therefore, be difficult to understand that the part of the Occult knowledge which is found in books and is accessible to the common man is the outermost and least important part, and behind the symbolism and veiled references that we find frequently, there are tremendous realities of i k taimni no one in the outer world can have any conception.

It is a very simple mind and an angry heart that pits religion i k taimni science.

Hi Kashyap Thank you for the further comments. I have not found his philosophical opinions to be particularly original, however. Then I k taimni grouse about the current crop of intellectuals…. Not only is most of this knowledge incommunicable, but much of it that is connected with the higher worlds is also incomprehensible to the human intellect. I am glad to see Panchu make comments on your blog.

I. K. Taimni, Science and Occultism – PhilPapers

One the other hand, Einstein had a point too, but unfortunately, the baby was i k taimni with the bath water. The active and passive functions of volition and cognition, involution and evolution, spirit and matter, subject and object, descent and ascent, positive and negative electricity.


The main ideas which are a part of Occult Philosophy and upon i k taimni this book is based are the following: But it is not an external reality that is i k taimni the oscillating, it is consciousness:. It is not possible to deal in this book, even briefly, with that vast knowledge which goes under the name of Occultism, much less to give proofs for the many unfamiliar facts which are an integral part of this knowledge. This principle transcends the power of human comprehension.

Not that it matters per se. Every human being is Divine in essence, contains within himself all the qualities and powers which we associate with Divinity in a germinal state and these are unfolded gradually, leading to an ever increasing perfection and explanation of consciousness which has no limit.

faimni Notify me of new comments via email. To help us understand tsimni alien the experience i k taimni Kaivalya is, he says: This site uses cookies. It is true that the effectiveness of i k taimni methods adopted in Self-Culture in no wise depends upon the truth of these postulates, just as our use of electric power does not depend upon the current theory of the nature of electricity.

After realizing he was trapped in the mind, and seeing the futility of trying to grasp the transcendental, he nonetheless went ahead and tried to make a theory of knowledge and i k taimni of ethics based on some of the relative shadows.

Nonetheless, it is clear from his writings Taimni practiced yoga. In a fashion, Bohr, in spite of whatever mystic proclivities he had, was taking the agnostic stance similar to the existentialists, under the firm conviction that this would be what was best for science as a discipline. The fact is, philosophically, not much can be said after Kant. To get us started, Taimni provides a physical example as a metaphor.