The HXR-MC50U has a wide variety of automatic settings, but professional videographers often prefer to use manual settings. That’s why this camcorder also. Menu close image. Service & Support. SONY – HXR MC50E & MC50J & MC50N & MC50P & MC50U &. MC58C- Service Manual – Version – Revised 1 – Pag. Drivers & Software How To & Troubleshooting Manuals, Specs & Warranty News & Alerts Remote Control Programming Model # HXR-MC1 | change model.

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The resulting images are typically higher resolution than other night vision technologies. Most internet reviews are these days.

So what’s the street price? The nightshot addition with 0 lux is excellent too. While I was impressed with the camera I was a little confused as to why it’s displayed in the Pro section – either they just ran hxr mc50u manual of space in the consumer section or they don’t want this camera sitting right next to the CX Expected Number Of Recordable Photos While it might make a decent b-roll camera and probably produces a decent image, I suggest hxr mc50u manual Sony use a more appropriate label for its goods.

I highly recommend this camera for both starters hxr mc50u manual seasoned experts as part of their video shooting arsenal! You don’t have control over gain at all, which I hate. I was actually quite impressed with this camera until I discovered that there was no way to defeat the audio auto gain control hxr mc50u manual there was no way to adjust audio input.


Designed for sub-micron pixel sizes, the Exmor R sensor relocates the photo diodes above the support circuitry, maximizing the light gathering area per pixel.

Sony HXRMC50U Manuals

The camera can capture megapixel still images when not shooting video. Manage Media items For Recording Media The HXR-MC50U has a wide variety of automatic settings, but professional videographers hxr mc50u manual prefer to use manual settings.

To Memory Card kc50u What are the camera’s capabiities for outdoor shoots? If there is a forum that is better to ask these kind of questions, I’d love hxr mc50u manual know as I’m just a noob to this all.

Sony HXR-MC50U Pro AVCHD Camcorder

manua, Hxr mc50u manual is a great little camera! Expected Recording Time Of Movies Including a mamual mic, even a decent one doesn’t make the camera any more professional than attaching the same mic to similar spec’d videocams. Acquiring The Current Location Information The touch screen allows powerful yet simple user interface ranging from menu navigation to content management and creative image control. I just unwrapped this camera and have not been able to figure out how to import the video into my MacBook Pro.

Recording In Mirror Mode hxr mc50u manual Can anyone tell me if this camcorder is supported with iMovie ’08? At minimum, a pro video camera has XLR inputs.

Convenient Manual Control Dial. Prioritizing The Subject If you wish to use one of the lower HD settings p hxr mc50u manual you may have problems transferring into Final Cut Express v4. However you can use a Beechtech, battery pack phantom-powered mini-pin-to-XLR adapter for professional balanced quality audio via another mic source.

Sony HXRMC50U Manuals

Step 1 Checking The Computer System Creating Hxr mc50u manual Playlist I hope this helps! Using The Gps Function hxr-mc50e Notes On Use Will this camera m5c0u able to record with a microport XLR???


If not, which remote tripod would it work with? You can add a video light, but not via the hot-shoe. Creating An Avchd Disc With the NightShot function turned on, images can gxr recorded in virtually total darkness hxr mc50u manual 0 lx lux.

Its glare reduction capabilities deliver more natural, realistic colors and provide easier viewing in bright conditions.

Thank you so much for your upcoming feedback! Or do the settings remain altered while each seperate setting has to hxr mc50u manual adjusted one at a hxr mc50u manual I’m pretty sure this is just a CXv dressed up with some extra plastic.

You hxr mc50u manual down-convert HD footage to SD footage Selecting The Recording Mode There was what appeared to be some sort of pad, listed in the menu as two settings “normal” and “low” It may not have been those exact words but you get the idea. You can add 37mm UV filter to protect the lens, but the hood must be removed.

Sony eSupport – HXR-MC1 – Support

Does anyone know if there is an underwater housing available for this camera? Do I Get full Quality?

Playing The Playlist Or will I have to invest in something like Final Cut Express?