Georg Groddeck’s “The Book Of The It” is a key text in the history of psychoanalytical thought and the investigation of human sexual compulsion. Configured as a. BOOK OF THE IT, THE Groddeck’s Book of the It, first published in by the Georg Groddeck, psychanalyste de l ‘imaginaire: psychanalyse freudienne et. Groddeck, Georg. . The first medical book which he put into my hand–I was at that time still a lad at the Gymnasium–was the empirical teaching of Rademacher .

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It is not that we forget those three first years, only the remembrance of them is shut out from our consciousness; in the unconscious it goes on living, and continues to be so active that all we i is fed from this unknown treasure-heap of memory: I know a lady–she too is one of those childloving women who are yet childless because they hated their mothers–who for five months missed her menstrual periods; her body swelled and her breasts, and she believed herself to be with child.

Retrieved from ” https: Or have I only persuaded him to wish to be a woman? He gorg the position of Fredrich Neitzsche in Groddsck Good and Evil on public discussion of humanity’s many perverse tendencies.

Of the It, we know only so much as lies within our consciousness.

The Book of the It by Georg Groddeck

The question is wrongly put. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Thus did my flight from the first, forgotten pain of separation make out of that maid, so alive grodddeck loving, who had fed me and to whom I clung, the image that represents science to me. If once I drop into chit-chat or into fine writing, you must tell me; that will help both of us.


To ask other readers questions about The Book of the Itplease sign up. This same phenomenon, that there is something within us which puts on tje will the appearance of any possible degree of pf, you may observe also in children. Beyond that the greater part of its territory is unattainable, but by search and effort we can extend the limits of our consciousness, and thhe far into the realm of the unconscious, if we can bring ourselves no more to desire knowledge but only to phantasy.

I propose to take it into account by calling the entity which starts out from the system Pcpt.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And so in one direction, and that certainly no unimportant one, without intention grorg even without knowledge, those feelings are repeated in me that are associated with the double relationship to mother and nurse and with the conflict gfoddeck by the parting–a matter worthy of consideration, since it shows, at least, that in the mind of a three-year old child there are processes at work which, though extremely involved, yet have a certain unity at the source.

Now I think we shall gain a great deal by following the suggestion of a writer who, from personal motives, vainly asserts that he has nothing to do with tje rigours of pure science. This book should be required reading in every medical school. Kenyatta rated it really liked it Aug 20, Perhaps you will also realize how it is that I am sometimes so womanish as to want to bear a child.

The Book of the it – Georg Groddeck – Google Books

You yourself have often wondered how I managed to rid myself of the monstrous thing, without operation, without treatment, without thr or thyroid. But walk about the streets and watch the little girls of three or four years old–it is more obvious in them than in their brothers, for which good reason can be given–they will sometimes look as if they were in truth their own mothers.


A man I know told me that on the night before his wife’s accouchement he attempted in a peculiar way to transfer to himself this in his view tormenting experience. The friendship between the two little girls came to an end, and my sister returned to me, but that period of loneliness was enough to inspire me with a deep distaste for the name of Alma.

The It of the third, the lonely woman, has produced a growth between her thighs which looks like a small male organ, and strange to say she paints it with iodine, in order, as she thinks, to get rid of geory, but actually to give the authentic red appearance to the tip. Lists with This Book.

With an illuminating introduction by the essayist and novelist Lawrence Durrell. You set great store by science.

Georg Groddeck

It is grodeck sufficient to eat certain particular things. Perhaps I already heard it before, but I know that it made a deep impression upon me while I was in that exalted mood, fancying myself, like Joseph, raised above my brothers. Freud mentions Groddeck in The Ego and the Id[7] crediting him with giving a name to what Freud had already given a local habitation, to wit, the Id.

This page was last edited on 4 Septemberat I heard it from a man now long since dead, slain in the war. Why did you break your leg, you yourself?

In all three could be discovered the wish to be a woman.