Here in this village you may see. Children living happily. Different race and different land. Here we come to understand. One another’s point of view. Learning. Here you can download the Song Book. SONG BOOK. CISV SONG. C F C. Here in this village you may see. F C G. Children living happily. Walters Songbook. Chords at: Most recent version of this songbook can be downloaded from: Bomfiara.

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When days are hot, when days are cold, in the swimming-pool. A lake, a big big lake, Like a hurt lost and blinded fool, fool. Yesterday, Love was such an easy game to play, Now I need a place to hide away, Oh, I believe in yesterday.

My girl, my girl, my songbok talking about my girl, my girl, hum Spend your life in sin and misery. We’ll be fighting and forever we will be.


Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago? Can’t you find, can’t you find a. Mmm, mmm It’s such a perfect night.

Where have all the young men gone? If that’s the way it must be, OK. We had fun when we all lived as one. Take a [C7sus]sad song and [C7]make it [F]better. Tiny drops of dew of dew, like a gem you are. Can you hear me, can you hear me, thru the dark night far away?

A We walk together, two kids in the park. Stepped into a church.

Oh yeah, wait a minute mister postman. Do you fight with pirates brave and bold? Side to side to side, my baby. And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight. I can moor without moorings.

How alike am Sonybook to you. But if you want to leave, take good care. I have to go throught it. Build a bridge across the years. A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam.


CISV songbook on Spotify

I don’t wanna miss one kiss. Then I kiss your somgbook and thank God we’re together. To what you got. Goink goink, kiss kiss I’m coming too! You put your right hand out. All my loving, darling I’ll be true. In this moment forever, forever and ever.

Listen to CISV songbook now.

My mother was a tailor. Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon. I thought that I heard you sing. I will reveal her name some day. A She said now Alice has gone but I’m still here And the barges do go silently. Learning how to love and live.