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In Favor Of Beings

Your eyes on that table
looking out, looking through
your head hanging over
new maps, an excuse
wintering summer and smoking out fall
Breathing out poisons to grasp one and all
cutting down lifelines
To print new disease
striking a nation
you inadequately feed
To halt this starvation
to continue to breed
Recycling poison
Recycling greed
I listened in once
My ear to the floor
A conversation started
The next open door
I heard as they spoke of
such adult things
That registered my thoughts
in the favor of beings
Cut down the valley’s fruits for their blood
cut down and plow out and murder and hug
each other in victory of slaughter and pain
Take all the resources, take all to gain
Never mind conscious
She stayed in first grade
Never mind prejudice
It’s here just the same
Never mind the ozone
I hear that it’s safe
Never mind my actions
I’m not to blame
I listened in once
and I heard these things
But once I reflected
ruled in favor of beings
The children are starving
their stomachs in need
The trees disappearing
What will we breathe?
The whole world is ailing
And blinded by greed
Please, doctor, doctor
The world is in need
But the doctor can’t hear me
His stethoscope’s gold
What he thought was a heartbeat
Was death, paid in full.