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Operators Are Standing By

I’m okay with everything but nothingness.

Nothing is more significant than everything.

Life is a cathedral and I’m on the tire swing.

The never-ending battle for peace can’t be won

or everything we love comes undone.

Rules and conventions are just steam in the machine.

Operators are standing by.



Two Can Play At That Game

round and around and around we went
carousel stopping for none
the moments were passing, the time we spent
blurred in the peripheral hum
heart’s heavy drumming, an attempt to repent
but the moment was over and done
left lonely and clutching in our torment
ward away a wayward longing to run
my cheek on my shoulder, swollen and tense
eyes seeking chaos for sun
but everything’s merged and my fists are clenched
around the ride that’s supposed to be fun

Mr. Exterior

Life starts again somewhere near the end
the pain of the pleasure is lost
All that pretends to be your soul’s friend
slinks away with the freedoms you’ve crossed
Mistakes don’t give in, they’re as guilty as sin
They come up as your feelings come down
And yes sir, I know, that a woman is bold
When her options say shrink, be controlled
No thank you sir, yes sir, I’m sure
I don’t need your cracked boost in this world
And please keep this clear, Mr. Exterior,
Your mistake was made long, long ago.

Pain For The Cure

It seems each day I try to find
this land of peace but fall behind
the broken fragments in my head
cut, bled dry, and lost instead
I search for pain to seek the cure
I wish for calm to cause the stir
I lay awake to fall asleep
I dream of truths that lie beneath
my freckled face and wounded nose
connected to immobile toes
staying firmly where they’re lent
playing dumb to freedom spent
I search for pain to seek the cure
I wish for calm to cause the stir
When thoughts lay dormant in my head
I pounce too soon with plans undressed
Every day I fall behind
this land of peace I just can’t find
With pallid eyes and breaking teeth
I dream of truths that lie beneath
Every window, every door
seems to offer liquid shores
Living a brass lullaby
ringing hopes that never try
I search for pain to seek the cure
I wish for calm to cause the stir
and when the sickness settles in
resent the force I’ll seek again
Seeking pain to reach the cure
Seeking calm to cause the stir
seems to offer so much more
than lullabies behind closed doors
Look outside the window now
Don’t hide your eyes, and don’t look down
Meet your wisdom, greet your youth
Understanding every bruise
Some will stay and some will wait
Some will let you marinate
But every letter scratched away
Is one more breath you hesitate
I search for pain to seek the cure
But she won’t live here much longer
And when I think I’m whole again
Somehow the circle paints an end

Fact or Fiction

Plight of the predators
Piling fact over fiction over lie
Never stop, Never be
Never stop to think
Whatever they claim – believe
Whatever the cage – be free
Deciding, dividing
casualties vs. profit
Deceiving, achieving
a generation of “just drop its”
walk on, walk away
Don’t look back
You’ll remember the day you turned to stone
The day your theory cracked
Mistaking and faking
Solutions to games
Wishing and pushing
to be the first to play
Perverted by poverty
By educationless youth
Miserable in the shadow of self-decay
An abomination of the shelter
Where once you felt safe
Now placing a stone lid over the tomb
The sun is undone – it’s left this room


Listen Inside You

Let go of ego
Surrender control
Forgive all transgressors
Accept the unknown
Bow to all passers
Listen to truth
Accept all as masters
Always play sleuth
Seek all the answers
Eat every fruit
Avert new disasters
Treat each as acute
Refuse to take credit
The future is done
Designs made to let it
Prosper as one
One single function
One single hope
One-up destruction
One life eloped
Surrender your ego
To tides of repair
Lead all who follow
With the utmost in care
Welcome tomorrow
Shunning despair
Listen inside you
The answers are there

In Favor Of Beings

Your eyes on that table
looking out, looking through
your head hanging over
new maps, an excuse
wintering summer and smoking out fall
Breathing out poisons to grasp one and all
cutting down lifelines
To print new disease
striking a nation
you inadequately feed
To halt this starvation
to continue to breed
Recycling poison
Recycling greed
I listened in once
My ear to the floor
A conversation started
The next open door
I heard as they spoke of
such adult things
That registered my thoughts
in the favor of beings
Cut down the valley’s fruits for their blood
cut down and plow out and murder and hug
each other in victory of slaughter and pain
Take all the resources, take all to gain
Never mind conscious
She stayed in first grade
Never mind prejudice
It’s here just the same
Never mind the ozone
I hear that it’s safe
Never mind my actions
I’m not to blame
I listened in once
and I heard these things
But once I reflected
ruled in favor of beings
The children are starving
their stomachs in need
The trees disappearing
What will we breathe?
The whole world is ailing
And blinded by greed
Please, doctor, doctor
The world is in need
But the doctor can’t hear me
His stethoscope’s gold
What he thought was a heartbeat
Was death, paid in full.

I Saw Decay

I looked outside the windowpane
And saw decay
Mistakes made by the human race
I saw a world we can’t replace
I saw decay as it erased
The bounty that our greed displaced
In favor of our need for space
Indulgence fattening each face
but the ones in need, greed hesitates
To feed the needy sunken face-
As our own wealth accumulates
The goal behind each fake embrace
Becomes to praise the world’s decay
And save the safe from every day
While the precarious dissipate and pray

Tick Tock

Beneath the ashes, under dresses
Miserable tick tock misery tick tock mine tick tock
I feel my brain skip a beat
savoring the missing link
That gap leaping between
Rationality and the unseen
Misery tick tock more of this brain lock can’t keep this place blocked
my brain skips a beat
my consciousness retreats
I stare in disbelief
at my body on the floor
Building walls tick tock raindrops fall tick tock
Branches break, shamrock
Luck lost, tick tock
I feel my brain skip a beat

Baby Steps

Grin in death
Don’t rush life
Take small steps
Speak your mind
Start out small
Build your way up
Little doses
Fill large cups
Let yourself be overwhelmed
Take every opportunity
Don’t shun your emotions
They put you where you need to be
Take every chance you can to learn
Take every opportunity
Don’t drink 32 fluid ounces before bed
It becomes annoying
Accept every thought
Let it pass untroubled
Love slowly prospers
Rush it and it crumbles
Learn when you’re being selfish
And let go of it
Don’t fear the first step
Just take it