About Amanda Bassett

Amanda Bassett

meAmanda Bassett is a full time creator, inspired to show the world in a new light and nudge humanity in the right direction. She is constantly on the prowl for a new way to help people understand compassion, empathy, and social responsibility, and works hard to portray the most important and under-sung aspects of life.

She studied journalism, where she received an academic award for her achievements in writing, the highest possible score on the writing portion of the ACT test, published an essay in the Pathways Literary Journal, and began her career as a freelance writer. Amanda, now a top rated freelancer in her field, has been working for years to help others bring their vision to life. In the process, she had succeeded in finely tuning her talents.

Amanda Bassett works to actively engage the world in dialogue about how to improve the quality of life for everyone in it and bring humanity closer to its next stage in moral evolution. She is also aware of how pretentious that sounds, but is focused enough on her mission not to care.

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