Operator Manual BPe. Series of Tape Dispensers. The World’s Leading. Carton Sealing System. BETTER. PACKAGES”. Canal Street, Shelton, CT. Better Pack®. Seal with Integrity. TM. e. Product Line The Better Pack e was extensively tested and . (Standard manual dispenser was used for. Online service guide for your Better Pack from Tigerseal Products. Quality products and superior customer support for over 26 years.

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Products and service names profiled herein are trademarks of their respective companies. One of the easiest, most cost effective ways to increase package security is to use a tamper-evident seal. Annually Thoroughly clean all accumulated pieces of tape, tape dust and any other foreign material from inside of machine with dry brush or blower.

At least it looks that way. The PS2A is a compact better pack 555e manual table-top electronic pressure-sensitive tape dispenser that delivers pressure betterr tape in pre-set lengths selected by the operator.

The Better pack 555e manual Taper paxk allows for custom printing directly onto the water-activated tape as it is dispensed.

Tape does not stick well. Look Up Parts Print Page.

Specifications Maximum Diameter of Tape Roll: This page was last updated: Sleek in design, small in footprint, the Better Pck TapeShooter is a lever-operated manual water-activated tape dispenser that offers manuql sealing for specialty applications.

The Better Majual Ink Jet System is a simple-to-use electronic water-activated tape dispenser also known as a paper tape dispenser, gummed or better pack 555e manual tape dispenser, Kraft tape dispenser combined with an integrated ink jet printer which is sold separately.


Better Packages has the widest range of dispensers and options available from a single manufacturer. It is engineered to meet electrical requirements worldwide. Better Pack Packer 3s Call. Better pack 555e manual materials need to be cleaned from the blades.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product. We strive to provide all information that we have on hand and do our best to describe and photograph every part.

Better Packages 555 Troubleshooting Guides

Better Packages dispensers are sold and serviced by a global authorized distributor network and come standard with the best warranty in the industry: No electricity is nee On Better Packages models add a few drops of light machine oil to felt pads. We also service better pack 555e manual major cities on the East Coast of the U.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Monthly Clean accumulated glue from blades using a scraper. The Packer 3S can be used with better pack 555e manual reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape that is either. The following are simple troubleshooting tips to consider if there is a problem with your machine. This model includes a top heater accessory.

Better Pack Tape Dispensers

better pack 555e manual Skip to main content. Check for proper location of water brush es and tank. Elkridge, Maryland Phone: It is available as a non-electrical unit and also with an optional top heater accessory electricity requiredwhen increased tape adhesion is needed. Maximum Length of Tape Roll: If the problem with your machine cannot be resolved with these tips or techniques in your manual, then you should contact your local authorized distributor or our Customer Support Department through Better pack 555e manual us.


This dispenser is perfect better pack 555e manual light-to medium-volume packaging areas and accommodates both reinforced or non-reinforced water-activated tape. No electricity is needed to operate the tape dispenser Sustainable and. It simplifies and speeds up the packaging process when dispensing long lengths of tape.

The Packer 3S can be used with both reinforced and non-reinforced water-activated tape that is either gummed side in or gummed side out. No electricity is needed to operate the tape dispenser. Look Up Parts Print Page. With more thandispensers in use, the Better Packages brand has become synonymous with unmatched innovation, design, quality and reliability.

For the dispenser to cut the tape well, blades need to be free of adhesive, dust etc. As package tampering and theft increase, so do the package security demands of today’s businesses, government agencies and consumers. Why Buy Genuine Parts? Yes, please include me on your mailing list to receive better pack 555e manual on Better Packages’ products and services, industry news, discounts and more!

Why Buy Genuine Parts? Check to see that better pack 555e manual is loaded in the basket. Better Packages offers simple, highly functional dispensers with features like the fluid handle motion on Better Packwhich can be set for exact lengths, and push-button operation on electric models.

The cutter blade wotrks fine. The best dispenser for you depends on the type of products you are shipping, the volume of packages being sealed, the size of your shipping cartons and the nature of your work force. Check water level, adjust if necessary.